About us

Dear Customers,

we have great pleasure in introducing our company to all of you for a better knowing of our vegetable, grass, flower seed activity. Rem is an ever-young seed company located in Cesena and it is proud of breeding, producing and marketing seeds with its brand. The members of our staff have a long experience regard vegetable seed production (OP and Hybrid) and our big family commercialized seed crops since 1939. Nowadays REM has established itself as a prominent company into the seed market and we are now reliable suppliers for seed companies in 35 countries around the world. Next to all vegetables varieties, we can supply also herbs, legumes, grass, organic seed and much more. 

The uniqueness of our Company arises from the following factors:

1. A multi-disciplinary approach;

2. Self-production in our region, the best in Italy for the seed production due to a mild climate;

3. A geographical location in the Center-Nord of Italy.

Thanks to all these ingredients, we can offer not only our own seed production, but also really profitable contracts of multiplications, staying at your service for all you needs. After getting your basic seed, we can reproduce any kind of varieties, supported by a great knowledge and paying a wide attention to varietal purify, germination, seed-vigour, moisture content and the presence of diseases.

This could be the opportunity to start a serious and steady business relationship lasting in the time. 

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